Terms & conditions


Offer content and general conditions

In the following text, the Unique Property Group d.d. places, promotes and sells the accommodation and food service according to the published information, description, date and valid price list, correspondingly confirmed reservation, in its own name and for its own account. An agency or tour operator can appear as a client of services and as the end user, and then the business conditions are determined by applying them as intermediaries.

All items listed here are an integral part of the rental, and by sending a reservation request it is accepted that you have agreements and are familiar with the regulations.

In this way, everything listed below is stated in the terms of the legal obligations. When staying at the Unique Hotels d.o.o., the house rules, pets and the usual use in the hotel industry apply.

Reservations, accommodation, catering services and other services offered, hotel management, is all based on the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

General reservation conditions

After the initial request for accommodation, you are considered a potential user of the accommodation service.

All documentation is kept under the name of the first designated person (if it is an individual person then the name and surname, if it is company then the name of the company) on the reservation request it is kept as ‘Reservation Holder’.

The holder of the reservation (if an individual person) must be older than 18 years and authorized by other nominees to make a reservation on behalf of all listed on the request. By filling in and sending the reservation request, the holder is obliged to provide all the information required by the reservation procedure in order for it to be confirmed.

The reservation holder is responsible for all payments (deposit and the rest of the account). A reservation request is considered to be any open inquiry delivered to the hotel by any means of communication in writing (letter, e-mail, fax, etc.). The reservation for accommodation in the requested period is valid only after written confirmation by the hotel and receipt of the deposit specified in the specific offer, and with the sent confirmation of the reservation by the hotel.

When the reservation is made electronically, it is valid with a credit card authorisation. The rest of the account must be paid by the reservation holder no later than the last day of the stay, with the obligatory authorization of the credit card or payment of the deposit.

The reservation is considered temporary until the maturity of the deposit, and if it does not arrive within the specified time or the credit card number is not submitted for authorization, it is automatically considered as an expired option.

The reservation is confirmed by deposit in advance or a credit card guarantee, and thus the General Terms and Conditions are accepted. This represents the legal-formal conclusion of the contract. In the formal-legal sense, the responsibility is always borne by the holder of the reservation and he cannot transfer his responsibility to the persons for whom he made it.

In case of no deposit or credit card information received, the offer is considered invalid and non-binding for the Unique Property Group d.d.

The provisions for the payment of the deposit and the authorization are replaced by a differently agreed written agreement between the holder-client and the Unique Property Group d.d.

Reservations are not accepted from persons under 18 years of age. We reserve the right to refuse to process a booking request without giving any reason.

The duty of the Unique Property Group d.d. is to take care of the provision of services, and to take care of the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with good customs in tourism. The Unique Property Group d.d. will perform all obligations in full and at the level of the standard provided, in good faith and with the attention of a conscientious entrepreneur in accordance with the rules of the profession, except in extraordinary circumstances.


The price of accommodation includes the basic service as described in the valid price list of accommodation when the reservation is confirmed. Additional services are those that are not included in the basic price of accommodation. They are agreed separately, and the guest bears the costs according to the valid price list provided for the requested services.

Additional services can be arranged directly at the Hotel reception.

Reservation changes by the guest

If the reservation holder is prevented from traveling or using the service, he has the right to transfer the use of the reservation to a third party. In order for the change to be made and valid, it is necessary to inform the Hotel in writing at least 48 hours before the day of check-in. The reservation holder is responsible for the total bill of the ordered services until the Unique Property Group d.d. receives the written consent of a third party to take over the reservation.

Accommodation tourist tax

According to the valid Law on Sojourn Tax, the guest is obliged to pay the sojourn tax, at the same time as paying for the accommodation service. The final amount of the sojourn tax is charged according to the set regulations. For a particular reservation depends on the number of persons, their age and period of stay. Tourist tax is in no case included in the price of accommodation.

Reservation cancellation

If there is a need to cancel the reservation, ethe request must be sent in writing,electronically, by fax or registered mail.

In any case, the cancellation reservation will be accepted exclusively by the holder of the reservation, and will be charged according to the valid cancellation fee, depending on the date of receipt of the notice of cancellation at the Unique Property group d.d. If necessary, the following cancellation fee is applied:

  • Up to 14 days before the arrival of the guest – no cancellation fees
  • From 14 to 0 days before the arrival of the guest – 100% of the total amount of the reservation
  • No show – 100% of the total amount of the reservation

Reservation changes by the hotel

In case the Unique Property Group  d.d. has to cancel or change the reservation, it is obliged to send the guest a notice as soon as possible, and at the request of the guest try to provide alternative accommodation, of a similar type, category, standard and location.


If there is a justified reason for the complaint, the guest is obliged to report it to the hotel reception. The reception is obliged to act upon the complaint and, in cooperation with the guest, to dedicate itself to resolving the case.

Subsequent complaints about the used service are not accepted or produce any legal effects.

Obligations and responsibilities of the guest

The arrival and departure of the guest is determined by the house rules. A copy of the Hotel house rules can be found in each room and at the reception of the Hotel.

The guest is obliged to have a valid travel document and personal documents, to respect the customs and other valid regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and to follow the house rules and instructions of the Hotel staff.

The guest is obliged to keep the property, as well as all furniture, decoration, equipment and environment in the same condition as they were at the beginning of using the service.

The customer is fully responsible for any damage caused and is obliged to compensate it.

Security and values

Each room has an in-room safe available for storage.

The hotel is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, nor for theft of the same. You leave any valuables in the hotel room at your own risk.

Unique Property Group d.d. responsibility

The Property Group d.d. does not bear any responsibility in case of death, injury or illness of any individual, outside the valid policy of the insurance company, if the harmful event was not caused by the Hotel or the Hotel staff by gross negligence.

The Unique Property Group d.d. is not responsible for loss, interruption or delay of service due to any cause beyond the control of the facility. Including but not limited to force majeure, explosions, storms, fire or accidents, war or threat of war, civil unrest, restrictions, local laws or any measures of state or local authorities, strikes, entry bans or other industrial actions or interruptions.

The Unique Property Group d.d. is not responsible for failures of mechanical or other technical equipment.

The Unique Property Group d.d. is not responsible for noise or interference coming from outside the property or outside the control of the hotel staff.


By using the Internet guest access you hereby explicitly accept logging on and having your network activity registered while your device is connected to the network. Unique d.o.o. or the person to whom Unique d.o.o. has entrusted this task is able to see such information. 

Please read carefully the following: 

  1. Operating of a wireless access point can depend on several external factors, as well as on the connected user. Issues and/or errors may occur while operating the wireless data transfer system.
  2. The data transfer is not protected in any way (e.g., encryption, masking), and since this is a network that is accessible to a large number of people Unique d.o.o is not able and cannot be held accountable in any way for establishing any type of protection, monitoring or management system. Unique d.o.o. does not bear any responsibility for any misuse done by users or third parties who connect, or may connect to the network (e.g., loss, theft or any other wrongful handling of data, unauthorized collection of personal data, business or official secrets, or any other confidential information, damage of hardware and/or software). 
  3. There is no guarantee for reliable operating of the wireless access points.
  4. The user takes full responsibility for using whatever device while they are connected to the system (laptop, smart phone or any other device), which includes the operating system and applications, and any type of data presentation, all of which are free of any malicious code. If the user fails to do so, they will be held responsible for any damage (direct, indirect and consequential) that may occur. 
  5. Misuse of the wireless access points for commercial and illegal purposes, or criminal activities is strictly forbidden (e.g., distribution of spam messages, threats, obscene content, maltreatment or any other activities that may offend users or cause harm to other users or systems, use of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks or any other systems for uploading or sharing content protected by copyright). 
  6. The user takes full responsibility for any damage (direct, indirect and consequential) to third parties, and will compensate Unique d.o.o. for any damage or cost that may occur as a result of the user using the said service. 
  7. You may use the service only if you are 18 years of age.



Pursuant to Article 10. of the Law on Consumer Protection (Narodne novine Official Gazette No. 19/22 ) we inform our clients that complaints regarding the quality of our services or with a purchased product can be submitted in writing in our business premises and we  will confirm receipt of your complaint in writing without delay. You can also send your complaint to these addresses:


Kranjčevićeva 45

21000 Split, Hrvatska

  • info@hr


You will receive a response to your complaint in writing within 15 days from the receipt of the complaint. 

Mrs. Doris Milić

General manager