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The island of nature, history and beauty

Brač island is bordered by azure beaches and covered with aromatic forests of pine trees. Its landmarks are often described with expressions such as: the most beautiful Adriatic beach, the tallest island, the oldest remains, the most impressive olive groves… This unique island offers everything you need for an unforgettable holiday in the pure beauty of the Mediterranean scenery. The sunny hills of island Brač are covered with endless olive groves and vineyards that produce world-class wines. Zlatni rat is the crown jewel and the most recognizable attraction present on almost every postcard from Croatia, and is listed as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. This long white pebbly beach that stretches into the Adriatic and changes its look depending on the wind is a paradise for windsurfers and those wishing to experience the ultimate Croatian beach holiday. Vidova Gora is the tallest spot on the Adriatic providing spectacular views of the islands and numerous walking paths. A hermit’s monastery Blaca is a must for culture and history lovers. Every seaside town is an authentic experience with the old times look and feel, built with the famous Brač white stone from Pučišća. Above all, Brač is the place where the smells of lavender and pine will relax you, the sound of waves will follow you wherever you go, the yellow lemon trees will remind you that you are on the magical Mediterranean, the nights are cool and the sounds of crickets will put you to sleep, the days are warm and the crystal clear beaches will invite you for a refreshing swim. Friendly locals will remind you of the lifestyle of the old times with their easy-going lifestyle that is so well preserved but still allows for the modern to be a part of the scenery, so you can enjoy luxurious hotels and villas and this magnificent symbiosis of the old and the new.
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Brač island is one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands with endless olive groves, vineyards, pebble beaches, pine tree walking paths, historical sites and numerous activities. We present you with the Top 10 attractions not to be missed on your island holiday.


Zlatni Rat beach, Golden Horn on islan Brac, Croatian postcard, the most popular place among wind surfers

Zlatni Rat Beach

The stunning Zlatni Rat beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and also the most recognizable beach from Croatian postcards. Fine white pebbles stretch up to 500 m into the Adriatic Sea. This pine forest-covered beach is a favorite beach for islanders and tourists, and is the most popular among wind surfers from all over the world.


Vidova Gora is the highest peak on the Adriatic, spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea and Croatian islands, pine forests

Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora is the highest peak on the Adriatic where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea and Croatian islands. It is also the place with stunning walking paths squeezed between the fragrant pine forests. After enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views, you can enjoy local food and wine at the charming ethno village Gažul.


Blaca Monastery that were erected in the karst caves of Vidova Gora, hill on Brac Island

Blaca Hermitage Monastery

Blaca Hermitage monastery is a protected cultural heritage and historical monument in the interior of the island. This village founded in the 16th century offers viewings of two-story stone houses from those times,so well preserved with complete interiors, astronomical instruments, an old printing press, archive and library.


Škrip Museum of Island Brač contains exhibits from the Cave Kopačina, old sea charts, various handicrafts and Roman tombstones

The Museum of Brač

The Museum of Island Brač in Škrip contains interesting exhibits from the Cave Kopačina, old sea charts, various handicrafts and Roman tombstones. This pearl of the rich cultural heritage of Brač is mandatory for all lovers of history and culture. You can also visit the Oil Museum where the history of olive growing on the island is presented.


The view on the village surrounded by trees and the Adriatic sea, Dol - The Open Door Museum

Dol – The Open Door Museum

Dol is an open-air museum where you can find Castle Gospodnetić, an original Brač fortress that was built to defend against the Turks, and now boasts a rich interior, beautiful dining parlors, gardens and old libraries. You will also see old stone hives from the 16th century, the church of St. Peter with the oldest bells on the island and many other historical monuments.


The Nature Park Sutivan on island Brac, stone houses with red roofs in the old town

The Nature Park Sutivan

In the heart of the pine forest, next to the magical village of Sutivan, there is a Nature Park, a beautiful excursion site where you can enjoy nature, the Zoo, numerous playgrounds and a restaurant. An ideal place to visit if you want some rest from the crowded beaches, especially if you are traveling with children.


Island Brac olive trees between stone walls, Kopačina cave is the oldest habitat on the island and one of the oldest in the Adriatic.

Kopačina Cave

Kopačina Cave is a prehistoric site where traces of prehistoric man on the island, bones of wild animals and remains of stone artifacts were found. The inside of the cave is lined with land snails that scientists have determined to be 9,000 years old. The cave is the oldest habitat on the island and one of the oldest in the Adriatic.


Black grapes in vineyard on island Brac that produce some world-class wines, Wine, Olive Oil and Spice Tastings

Wine, Olive Oil and Spice Tastings

There are numerous estates on the island where you can enjoy the old stone houses, wine cellars that produce some world-class wines, ethno villages, and wine and olive oil tasting rooms. You can also try local brandies, tasty homemade cheese, famous Dalmatian prosciutto, capers and traditional sweets such as Hrapaćuša cake from Dol.


Rock climbing with a breathtaking view of the Adriatic sea and Dalmatian coast on island Brac, Croatia

Rock Climbing in Ložišća

For those arriving on the island with an adventurous spirit, rock climbing with a breathtaking view is an ideal activity. Experienced climbers and beginners can both enjoy this activity because you will be guided by experienced instructors who will choose the right path for you. The view of the Adriatic Sea and the Dalmatian coast is breathtaking.


Pučišća on the Island Brac, white stone, things to see, small town near the Adriatic see

The White Stone from Pučišća

The village of Pučišća is famous for its quarry where the famous Brač white stone is extracted from which the entire Diocletian’s Palace in Split was built. The stone from Pučišća was also used to build the White House in Washington. Today you can visit the stone masonry school and buy unique souvenirs made of stone.

Reconnect with nature

Day trips
Walk the green paths of Croatian National parks, sail our most beautiful islands or walk the cobblestone streets and learn the rich history of the Croatian coastal towns. As day tour enthusiasts,we picked THE TOP 10 TOURS FROM SPLIT for you, but there is so much more. Just ask us and we will find the best trip for you and organize all your transfers to meeting points.
Boat Trip
Step into a world where only sea, islands, summer breeze, sun, and untouched nature exist. Sunbathe, swim, and try your hand at sailing, it all fits in one day!
A zip line is a must if you want an adventure in the heart of nature! Get the best view 700 meters above the ground and capture the fascinating landscape of the Cetina river. This tour will make you push your limits in this magical area while doing a zip line for 1700 meters. Dare yourself to a new challenge!
Boat Trip
Croatian Blue Cave and Stiniva bay – hidden white pebble stone beach stretching into the Adriatic Sea- are among the most beautiful in the world. So get there and see them your way…
Boat Trip
When a beautiful boat becomes your beach for the day and takes you to the hidden bays of Brač, Hvar and Pakleni islands, indulge yourself and enjoy the unforgettable experience.
An active holiday is all about excitement and adventure – but not without fun and rest. Kayaking brings it all together with paddling, swimming, diving & sunbathing around Marjan Hill.
Have fun on the exciting rapids of the Cetina river surrounded by untouched nature! Rafting (canoe safari) is an adventure intended for the whole family, just have fun and let our guides take care of you.
Nature & Culture
The magic of one of Europe’s most beautiful national parks will impress you with its 16 lakes and 92 massive waterfalls! Take a walk through the UNESCO protected park with an experienced guide.
Boat Trip
Enter the magical deep blue hall of the Blue Cave and visit 5 Dalmatian islands, including Vis and Hvar, on this most popular day tour in Dalmatia.
Boat Trip
Discover the Croatian Blue Lagoon in style. Beautiful spacious boat with a sundeck, tasty food and drinks will take you to this swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing paradise!
Nature & Culture
Take a peek into the magical world of nature decorated by impressive waterfalls and green hiking trails. Boat ride, visit to Skradin and guided tour included!

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