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The city of Split is full of wonders, but what makes it irreplaceable is the 2400 year old colony. The stronghold of Emporor Diocletian was converted into apartments and cafes, and there are basements as well.

Welcome to Split-a city more than 1 700 years old, which Roman emperor Diocletian chose for his residence. He was wise! Who could resist this charming Mediterranean city?

Split is special, beautiful, romantic, and historically rich so we are sure that you will make beautiful memories in our city!

It is a city with a mix of modern and ancient, created from Diocletian’s palace, full of natural and cultural heritage, stunning beaches and places to enjoy, locals who adore the FC Hajduk and can’t start the day without coffee.

What to visit in Split?

Shortly, this is Split, and as we told you, you will go back home with the most beautiful memories from it. We have prepared a “Diocletian’s plan” for you, with “what to visit” tips.

Split- living history city

Split originated from Diocletian’s palace, built 295. The southern part was the emperor’s residence, and the northern part was a military camp. It used to be a summer house, and now it is the inhabited center of the old part of Split. This fact fascinates many tourists who pass through the streets that are more than 1,700 years old.

Split Old Town- Splitski get

The area of ​​the famous Palace, called “Get” by the locals, is the center of social life. There, locals like to hang out, drink coffee or eat something, so definitely visit Get and enjoy the homely atmosphere!

There you will find everything- from charming cafes, fancy bars, restaurants, snack bars to souvenir shops and clothing stores.

Let your day start with a coffee in the Get, and then start exploring the Palace

Peristil (Peristyle)

The Peristyle is the central part of Diocletian’s Palace, located next to the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, where Diocletian’s mausoleum was.

There is the Egyptian sphinx because the emperor nurtured a love for mythical creatures.

Peristil is a perfect place for performances and concerts, where you can enjoy a cocktail right in front of the cathedral.

Take a brief moment and feel that historic atmosphere mixed with the city’s bustle. Take the first sip and let the magic begin…

Cathedral of Saint Domnius

After a break on the steps of Peristil, enter the Cathedral of Saint Domnius. On the top of the cathedral is the bell tower, so be sure to go to the top, enjoy the panorama and take the best photos ever!

P.S. Instagram and Facebook lovers, don’t forget to visit this place, we guarantee many likes!


That beautiful lobby with an open cupola that you have seen on social media is the Vestibule. Can you imagine that it was used for living and that the inhabitants kept poultry there and cultivated gardens?

The Vestibule still looks monumental and enchanting, and once it was used to enter the residential part of the palace. Very interesting!

Today it is one of the favorite tourist spots, but locals also adore it. They like to meet there and sing old Dalmatian songs with the klapa. Come and enjoy!

Temple of Jupiter

After enjoying the traditional Dalmatian song, go to the Temple of Jupiter. It is dedicated to the Ancient Roman god Jupiter and is located in the western part of the Diocletian’s Palace, near Peristyle. There you will also spot one of the twelve sphinxes that arrived from Egypt.

“Let me pass” street  – the narrowest street in Split

If you decide to go to the promenade of Riva from the direction of the Temple of Jupiter, you will have to pass the narrowest street in Split. The locals call it “Let me pass” (Pusti me proć’) because two people can’t pass by at the same time. If someone comes across you in the opposite direction,  you can say – “Pusti me proć’.”

Gregory of Nin

At the end of this virtual walk, we take you to Gregory of Nin. This monument was built in the 20th century by our famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović and is located in front of the northern entrance of Diocletian’s Palace. 

There is also a mythical moment– if you touch Gregory’s finger, make a wish, and if the color changes after a while – your dream will come true!

Touch his finger and wish to come to Split again. Have a pleasant stay and we are here for all your questions!

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